Monday, February 1, 2010

NYC Taco Challenge - Tulcingo (round 1)

Coming from California, I have been spoiled with my Mexican food selection. So while in NYC its been hard to find a decent CHEAP authentic taco. After doing a little research I found two gems on 10th ave in Manhattan. The first was Tulcingo, a small split deli and restaurant. Its a bit out of the way (47th st), but well worth the journey. I went for the warm restaurant on this trip.

They have a full menu of authentic Mexican cuisine, but I came the tacos. First off, they were cheap, $2.75 a taco. Bueno. Second, they came with real guacamole (not that crappy watered down shit). Bueno. Third, they had a good selection; carnitas, carne asada, tongue, chicken mole, etc. Bueno. I went with the carnitas(pork), the traditional carne asada (beef), and the tongue (cow in this case). All were extremely flavorful and fresh fresh fresh. The tortillas were made with flour and you could that each were made by hand with care. I would say my fav was the carnitas. Washed down with a cold Corona, and I was all set.

One nice surprise was at the end of the meal when I was presented with a mini Chiclets box. "Chiclay, Chiclay, Chiclay!" Taking me back to days in TJ. It was unique flavor too, guava I believe, just a great way to end a meal.

So I highly recommend Tulcingo if you are in the city and are craving some grub Mexican food and don't want to spend city prices.


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