Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eric Kayser makes the best bread in Paris

Eric Kayser is to bread, as Jenna Jameson is to porn. Pure genius. While in Paris, I was lucky enough to be staying a few blocks away from one of his pastry shops. His bread made me weep, it was that good. I can honestly say it was the best bread I have ever tasted in my life.

On a sunny afternoon with friends, we paired his crusty baguette and a loaf of sliced sourdough with an assortment of goodies. Some super sweet cherry tomatoes, a mix of olives, fresh cheeses only the way Frenchies can do it....way stinky and way grub. All finished off with a bottle of Rose. I just love that rose, I've been hooked on it for the rest of the summer.

His sweet concoctions were just as good. This was a tart with apricots and pistachios. Wow, what a combination. What I really liked about this tart was they didn't add tons of goopy cream like the usually fruit tarts around town. This one was light and the cream was green from pistachio goodness. And since the apricots were from France, they just popped with flavor, not too sweet, and still firm, this thing was just magical.

Finished off the meal with the goddess of all fruit. Fresh passion fruit. This thing looks like a shriveled up ball sack when it's ripe. Just slice it in half (ouch!) and scoop out the purple and orange goo that looks like alien brains. The flavor is like a bitch slap in the face of the most powerful passion fruit flavor you have ever had.

Eric, you have taught me what bread is supposed to taste like. I thank you for that, but I also curse you because I know its going to be hard to appreciate the crap I eat on a daily basis. Viva la France.



  1. So glad you got to experience France and all of its goodness!

  2. Mmmmm Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. That passion fruit looks like the 'row' in a lobster. I bet it is good though. Is there is photo of the donkey doodle you ate?

  3. yea...France was a great experience, ty.

    no dd photo, you'll have to send me a pic of the one you ate. :)

  4. Took me back wit dat post... trully the best.
    When are you gonna do a post on Fatty Crab????