Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eric Kayser comes to New York City

The 1st time I was lucky enough to try Eric Kayser's awesome bread was in Paris. Flash forward a few years and this master baker has opened his 1st United States bakery in my beloved new york city! This ode to all things baked and yummy recently opened on the Upper East Side.  I normally don't have a good reason to get up to this area, but for my main man Eric, I made an exception. He did not disappoint.

The main bakers here are from France and have studied under Eric before moving to nyc to run this first of 3 new bakeries opening in the city.  The people who work there wear these frenchy outfits, kinda cheesy, but helps with the theme.

Here is a display of some of the sweet baked goodness.

I ended up getting a sampling of some of the best baked goods I've eaten since Paris. Lets start with the croissant. Ridiculous flaky and buttery. Light as a feather, it was just incredible.

Next up, the chocolate croissant, surprisingly even more airier that the normal plain version. 

I forgot what this thing is called, but its basically the raisin bun. Creamy and gooey on the inside, crunchy with caramelized raisins on the outside.  Its the breakfast of French champions.

Next up, pistachio brioche bread. Check out that green color inside. So so grub, just fluffy and chewy goodness. The pistachios were roasted with a super strong nutty flavor. I think there were small chucks of apricot in it was well. 

Ended with a classic french baguette. wow! watch out nyc! This is by far the best piece of bread I've eaten in all my days here.

Do yourself a favor, make your way to the upper east side, fight your way through the face-lifted old ladies, and get yourself some of the best bread and baked goods in the whole U S and A.


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  1. Mmmmmm, that bread looks bomb digity! Bring some to LA please.

    Glad to see you back in action.