Saturday, February 21, 2009

Utter Gluttony - Miami Style

Where to begin? I have had plenty of gluttonous meals in my life, but this one is definitely in the top 10. In a recent trip to Miami, a gang of friends and I headed to Prime 112 in fancy pants South Beach. Prime 112 is a modern take on an American steakhouse with a flair for seafood.

Had I known what was in store for I probably wouldn't have spent the day drinking 46 oz Margaritas and pre-partying while we waited for a table. The good thing about eating in a large group is that you can try a bunch of different dishes, the bad thing can try a bunch of different dishes...some that weren't meant to be consumed together. I have a saying these days; if the animals you are about to eat don't get along on earth, they probably wont get along in your stomach. Anyways...without further ado, the meal!

We started with barrage of "appetizers", the first one being lobster mac and cheese. This was good stuff, cheesy, creamy with big luscious chunks of lobster meat. We didn't let an inch of this go to waste. Bravo lobster mac, bravo.

Next were a pair of salads, the one on the left was poor man's Waldorf, apples, walnuts, you know the deal. It was legit but not spectacular. To the right was the prize, crusted balls of goat cheese, bright beets, slightly bitter arugula and a ridiculously tart and delicious balsamic drizzle. Top notch.

Yet another appetizer, this was a kobe beef meatball. Yea, that's right, kobe, that's how I roll. How you like that money shot picture of the parmesan flakes falling? Pretty sweet. I tell you what, this was a good meatball, really good, but I still think it would have been good with pork or turkey, or straight up usda beef. Kobe beef is grand and deserves to be enjoyed in its purest form, slightly charred in a beautiful fillet, not smothered in tomato sauce and cheese.

OK people, get ready for it....just look below...embrace her for all her look away, she is a little shy. Wow, what can I say about this 4.5 pound pretty lady? She was sweet, succulent, buttery, 100% satisfying and left me wanting more....wait, we are talking about lobster right? Even though this was a steak house, the lobster was by far the star of the meal. All 4.5 pounds of meat were present and accompanied by a stuffing made up of scallops, crab meat and other stuffing goodness.

Next...bone-in rib eye for deuce. This was a good steak, not Peter Luger good, but damn good. Nice char on the outside and mostly pink on the inside. I think I would have enjoyed it more if that pretty lady above wasn't on the table...bitch.

It's kinda hard to tell what the dish below is...its a nice melody of roasted brussel sprouts and pancetta (although I think they ran out of pancetta and just throw some plain ol' bacon on top). I could have done without the bacon in this dish, but the b sprouts with very tasty. Roasted and toasted to perfection.

Geeeeeez, it's not over. Almost there people. Its ok, take my hand, I'll walk you through it. What we have here is plump fried prawns, lobster coleslaw and seedless watermelon. Funny thing is, the order in which I enjoyed these items was the reverse of what I just described. The watermelon was juicy and sweet. The lobster came back for round 3 with a vengeance and the shrimps

So what are these little balls of goodness you ask? I don't think you would believe me unless you saw them live. Deep Fried Oreos. I will repeat. Deep Fried Oreos. I really really didn't think I was going to like these. I would have never ordered them myself, but I tell you something...they were just re-dunk-ously good. I took a spoon full of that melting vanilla ice cream, topped the surprisingly light batter and just enjoyed that cool cream cut the hot gooey chocolaty center. I ate half of one and was done.

We made it people. I'm proud of you. Are you proud of me? Fuuunk, that was a tremendous journey. That was truly a gluttonous meal in the purest form, but I will cherish it for all the wonderful food and the fabulous friends I shared it with.



  1. What a sick meal ...I'm totally jealous! BTW you can score deep fried oreos at R.U.B. along with some tremendous KC style BBQ.

  2. Fond memories... Well done J. Excellent documentation of a great night except for the part you left out about how you felt later in the evening... LOL

  3. I have been to RUB and saw those on the menu, like I said, I totally didnt want to order them before. That was a big mistake. They do have really grub bbq too.

  4. Thanks Joe, it was really good stuff...the events later in the evening are of no interest to my readers ;)