Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doughnut Plant donuts would make Homer Simpson wanna cry

My inner fat guy (and sometimes outer) loves donuts....but who doesn't right? You have to be some kinda sicko not to. When I'm not being photographed eating them, I like to head down to the lower east side of Manhattan for seriously the BEST DONUTS EVER at the Doughnut Plant.

All of their donuts are handcrafted with the freshest seasonal ingredients. They are just luscious, gooey and oh so sweet. Above I have a good sampling of some of their Fall donuts; the square one (yea, square, kinda cool) is peanut butter with jelly filling. JIMP!  Next is the smaller cake donut which was pumpkin flavored, mmmm tastes like October. 3rd was a standard glazed, simple, perfection.

I kid you not, really, hands down, these are the best donuts ever (not including dessert donuts from fancy restaurants, like from a donut store and stuff, yea, you know what I mean).



  1. Dooooooooh Nuts...Are they better then Stan's???

  2. idk, never had Stans, but will have to try. My guess is they are better though.

  3. Jason -- I agree...DP is the best.