Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peter Luger Steakhouse lives up to the hype

Those of you that know me, know I'm a beef man. So I loves me a a good steak. Peter Luger in the South Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY has been hyped by many to have one of the best steaks in the United States. I would have to agree. The ambiance is very manly, wooden tables, big sharp knifes, waiters that give you shit. Its a fun fun scene. I celebrated the finish of an amazing triatholon with some buddies at this palace o' meat (i know, i know).

I started out with their thick cut bacon. This is not yo momma's bacon, its like a meal in itself. Crispy outside, chewy center, salty and porky. A must-have if you come here.

At Luger's there is only one type of steak you can get; It's the porterhouse for 2, 80 bucks, period. It's well worth it. The piping out steak comes out pre-cut sizzling on the plate. The masterful waiter carefully takes 2 pieces and places them on each person's plate, spooned over with the greasy juice left over by the mighty beast.

Be sure to order your steak properly. NEVER order well-done, you might as well ask them to throw your steak on the ground and stomp on it. I usually go for medium-rare everywhere else, but since they really know what's going on, I go with medium here and it comes out a proper pink in the middle (ohh yeaaaa). This steak is unreal, it just melts in your mouth. It has a slight char on the outside with the proper amount of salt crust. But the middle is what makes this steak probably the best I have ever had. Its soft, flavorful, pure pure beef at its finest.

In addition to great steaks, the sides here are nothing to laugh about. We went with the German potatoes (think hash, but with more onions and butter...really really good), the onion rings, and the star, creamed spinach. I'm more of a fresh vegetable guy, but this creamed spinach really is something special. Once again, the best I have ever had.

I know there might be better steak in the US, or even New York for that matter, but this place really just does it for me. It just makes you feel like a real man; STEAK, STEAK STEAK!!!



  1. You must, must, must order the cheesecake next time! I know it's crazy, but PL has the best cheesecake ever! They order from a bakery in BK, and it's so good. And their schlage (sp?) is to die's this homemade whip cream that is so good. No matter how full we are, we still always order the cheesecake....

  2. @Maya, unfortunately I am not a cheesecake person, i know, weird. The shlage is bomb though.