Monday, February 1, 2010

NYC Taco Challenge - Tehuitzingo (round 2)

On my search for authentic tacos in nyc, my next spot took me to Techuitzingo (thats a mouthful) a few doors up from Tulcingo on 10th ave and 48th st. This place was literally hidden inside a small deli.

Walk past the tight isles of juice and canned products and behold the magnificent floral curtained taco window. Its tucked deep in the back of the store, just poke your head in and wait for the nice Mexican lady to come out to take your order. I was still pretty full from my last taco meal all of 10 minutes before, so I just just went with a single carne asada taco.

For $2.50 they are quite a deal for nyc standards. Unlike Tulcingo, this place only focuses on tacos and tortas. These tacos reminded me of those classic mexican taco carts you would find at a soccer game at a local park. Corn tortillas and meat were both warmed on a flat-top stove. The tortillas weren't homemade, but still good. The carne asada was legit. What I liked the most was they keep it on the stove long enough so each piece had a nice char on the outside. Topped with cilantro and diced white onions, it was the classic Mexicano taco.

So which taco did I like most? Tulcingo or Tehuitzingo? Hmmm, they were different, but both equally grub, Tulcingo was a more refined taco, while Tehuitzingo was more authentic street food fair. I think the guacamole won me over, this round goes to Tulcingo. But please, don't take my word for it, go check them out yourself and decide.


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