Sunday, June 21, 2009

Persian Food at Ravagh in New York City

Let me start by saying I love Persian food. Growing up on this cuisine I am as familiar with it as the food of my homeland, mutha Russia. So when I moved to New York, I knew I had to find a decent Persian restaurant that would satisfy my appetite for Ghourmeh Sabzi and Albaloo Polo. So when I found Ravagh in the Murray Hill area of NYC, I was super pumped. They serve traditional, no frills, reasonably priced Persian fare.

Started with Mast And Khiar which is a yogurt, cucumber and dill mixture. It was cool and refreshing, just scoop it up with pita and enjoy.

I kinda wussed out and went with the safed beef shish kebob, but they had Sultani Kebob, Ghourmeh Sabzi, Khoresh Gheymeh, and all the goodies. The meat was tender and juicy with a nice char. The rice, fluffy like a pillow (I debated taking a nap on it, but I thought better of it since old Persian ladies don't like you sleeping on thier rice). And it was accompanied by a grilled tomato and onion. I like mashing up the tomato into the rice, good stuff.

The only way to end a meal like that is with a nice hot cup on chai. Ahhh, I loves me some chai. The way it warms your throat on the way down and then settles in your belly to bully all that kebob to behave themselves. Nice work chai.

This place does it's job well, solid Persian food that won't break the bank. So for all your pedar sags out there who are fiending for grub, get off your koon and head on over to Ravagh.



  1. Dude...Gand gand gand, javan and Darya blow thats hit out of the water, too bad you are in NYC, so i guess that shit will have to do!

  2. Dude you are basically writing this for Persians and their friends in the LA area? Do you now many Persians in NYC? If you do...I will bite my tongue!

  3. bite yo-self. my blog is internationally know.