Top 5

This is exactly what you think it is, my top 5 picks for shit I like to eat.   My memory isn't that great, so they definitely lean towards things I have eaten recently. Also, I am only posting things I have actually tried, no hear say here.  Enjoy yo' selves.

Top 5 Burgers
  1. Double Shack burger, Shake Shack
  2. Double Double, In and Out
  3. Father's Office
  4. Minetta Burger, Minetta Tavern
  5. Jane Burger, Jane
Top 5 Ramen
  1. Ippudo 
  2. Mitsuwa Market
  3. Momofuku 
  4. Setagaya 
  5. Hide-Chan
 Top 5 Sandwiches
  1. Steak Sandwich, Cafe Habana
  2. Steak Sandwich, Pastis
  3. Bay Cities
  4. TBD
  5. TBD
 Top 5 Soups
  1. Hot Borscht, my mom
  2. Pho Bo Kho, Pho Tu Do
  3. Mulligatawny, Almondine
  4. Matzo Ball, my mom
  5. TBD
 Top 5 Pizza
  1. TBD

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