Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taco Thursday at 7 star Deli

I know a good taco when I see one. So when I heard the little crap hole 7 Star Deli around the block from my office in Dumbo, Brooklyn was serving tacos on Thursdays, I was VERY skeptical. I arrived in the dirty deli with smiley Asian ladies behind the cash register with low expectations. I then moved to the deli counter, atop was a sheet of paper prompted up, stating, "Special: Taco Thursdays", well then, it was official, I'm in the right place. Bring it on. In addition to that sign, there was another stating something about a new chef. Dirty delis have chefs? who knew? There were two miniature Mexican cooks in the back, promising, very promising, considering I was looking for tacos.

There were 2 types, chicken (which was pre-cut and looked nasty), and pork. I looked down and saw a whole pork shoulder roasting in its own juices. Pork Please! They toasted the tortillas, and then chopped up perfectly chunked pieces of succulent hog to order. Then topped with freshly diced cilantro and white onion. They were served with an avocado sauce (also grub) and a fresh juicy lime wedge.

These tacos were LEGIT!! So tasty, just squeezed that lime over the top of that soft pork and smother them in avocado goodness. And for two bucks each a real deal.

I think I need to talk to the owner for some kind of kick back because I have half my office hooked on these tacos. Now I have something to look forward to on Thursday besides The Office.



  1. Now I wish I didn't bring my lunch that day.

  2. Post more food man! I want to get fat vicariously through you eating binges!!!

  3. Dirty? Nasty? Where are you eating lunch? Also, am I to infer that the deli being dirty has something to do with the "smiley Asian ladies?"

    Have you considered that you're a condescending jerk? Where the hell do you eat lunch? Is there a NOBU DUMBO now? What's wrong with you?

  4. Dirty and Nasty are terms of endearment to me. Usually means its grub stuff. Thats just my writing style. As for the smiley Asian ladies, YES, they are so smiley and so happy, I love them. They bring joy to my day. Regardless, I DO really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment(no sarcasm), maybe there is a spot I have written about that you havent been to yet and can share. Have a good one, J

  5. Dude, I'm in Dumbo. Which deli is 7-Star? Is that the Peas n Pickles joint on the corner of Front and Washington?

  6. Nah, but close by. Its on Front, right past Main st, a store or 2 after the Starbucks. They have a mean Philly CheeseSteak too.