Sunday, November 7, 2010

Xi'an Famous Food will blow your mind

This place called Xi'an (i cant pronounce it, can you?) Famous Foods takes Western Chinese food to the next level.  They have a few locations; queens, chinatown(takeout only), but I always hit up the one in the east village. This location is always crowded (thanks Anthony Bourdain) and super cramped, but sorry, who's going to Flushing?  The guy who runs the east village spot is alittle militant too, but fair. OK, now that I scared you off, here is the reason why its actually worth going there...

So the special thing about this place is that they hand pull all their noodles.  They are springy, soft, with a bite to them. The other special thing about this spot is they use alot of lamb and cumin, not typical ingredients in Chinese cuisine, but this is Western China, hence the Middle Eastern influence.  My absolute fav dish here is D1, aka Savory Cumin Lamb Hand-Pulled Noodles. They are a tad spicy ( you can ask for non-spicy), but in an addicting way. The lamb chunks are savory, the bean sprouts crisp, and the noodles are to die for.
All this for $6 bucks.  They also have a killer lamb or pork "burger" for $2.50 that is one of the best deals in the city.

Forget your generic Chinese take out, Xi'an Famous Foods will smash your impressions of what Chinese food is supposed to taste like.



  1. Welcome back...Been hungrily waiting for you blog to continue. merci baba

  2. thanks kdog, good to be back man!