Saturday, March 14, 2009

The burger at Jane

I love a good burger. And Jane on the edge of Soho serves a damn good burger. Jane is mostly known for its great brunch, but I have been there many times for both lunch and brunch and the burger keeps drawing me in. Paired with crispy rosemary fries, the burger is built like a member of the 1976 East German Women's Swim Team .

A toasted sesame bun, bibb lettuce, a pickled tomato, double smoked bacon, white cheddar cheese and 'special sauce', I think its just thousand islands. Notice how the buttery bibb fans over the bottom half of the burger...niiiiiiiice.

The burger itself is high quality beef, definitely a blend of a few different cuts, with a decent level of fat content. This left the perfecting cooked medium-rare burger super juicy and popping with flavor. Not to mention this was a monster of a burger, great for consuming on lazy Sundays followed by a mid afternoon nap.

This is just the beginning of my burger journey through out NYC, stay tuned for more artery clogging adventures.



  1. Liza just took a bite out of my monitor. The food looks so good and she is so pregnant.
    Hope you're doing well.

  2. Man?! Do we need to have some intervention with you to teach you how to eat healthy. Fried chicken, Burgers and fries, where the hell is the Pizza? I need to see some pizza dammit!!! That Boyger looks Delish!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark - doing well man, I wanna know what kinda weird food craving she has had? Is your baby going to be addicted to cheeseburgers?

  4. Kramer - pizza huh? hmmm, that really hasnt been on my food radar lately, but I tell you what, I've got a bomb spot by my work and I'll give you the goods.