Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mulligatawny at Almondine

Made popular by the infamous Seinfeld episode, mulligatawny is a delicious Indian soup. But Kramer explains it best:

Cosmo Kramer: A hot bowl of mulligatawny would hit the spot.
Elaine: Mulligatawny?
Cosmo Kramer: Yes, it's a delightful Hindu concoction simmered to perfection by one of the great soup artisans in the modern era.
Elaine: Who, the Soup Nazi?
Cosmo Kramer: He's not a Nazi, Elaine. He just happens to be a little eccentric. Most geniuses are.

I have to say, ever since watching that episode I have been more intrigued with the word mulligatawny than the actual soup. Say it with me, mulligataaaaawnyyyyy. I finally had a chance to try this soup a few weeks ago. They served it at my favorite lunch spot Almondine in Dumbo Brooklyn. I previously stated that Almondine was owned by Jacques Torres, but I was only partially correct, it's actually owned by both Jacques and Hervé Poussot, former pastry chef of famed Le Bernardin (super fancy pants Frenchie restaurant in nyc).

Anyways, onto the soup. This version was made with coconut milk so it was silky smooth. Spiced with coriander and other Indian spices that usually have me running to the nearest restroom. For some reason this gorgeous concoction sat just right in my stomach. I'm a big fan of this soup, not sure if all versions are going to be this good, but I'm definitely willing to try going forward.

Combined with my favorite pretzel bread, this Indian classic made my Seinfeld fantasy come true. Thank you Frenchies, job well done again.



  1. No Soup for YOU!

    I hope you are working out after eating all this rich food, otherwise there is spot on The Biggest Loser waiting just for you. Don't get Chagraloo kose kesh. Do a blog on the healthier side of Manhattan cuisines ala Shermanator...