Saturday, October 10, 2009

Porchetta makes a mean Pork Sandwich in the East Village

Let us eat as the Romans did, let it be glorious, let it be gluttonous, let it be porky. In the East Village of New York City you can find a small sandwich shop called Porchetta. It's known for roman style roasted pork sandwiches. It only has about 5 stools inside and a small bench outside which is nice for sunny days.

Check out this massive piece of pork shoulder, the skin is crisscrossed and becomes super crusty and salty.

I went with the roasted crispy potatoes which included burnt ends. They could have included a few more ends, but they were still utterly addicting.

So here is the traditional sangwich, super simple, super good. Its just a really fresh ciabatta baguette topped with the succulent sliced roasted pork. They also throw a few pieces of that super hard and crusty pork skin in the mix. Watch out, this crunch is not for those with a faint of heart, so if your not sporting dentures, this shockingly hard bite is unbelievability tasty.

So special thanks to the Romans for conjuring up such a tasty way to make something so simple, taste so grub.



  1. I am going to call this Nice for all those Yehudim out there to see what they/we may be missing out on. Dude that looks grubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Thanks for coming back...ok now...bye bye then...