Monday, October 5, 2009

Grimaldi's Pizza in Dumbo Brooklyn, Forgettaboutit!

It's kinda strange that this is my first post about pizza considering I live in NYC. So, without further ado....PIZZAAAAAA! Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Dumbo Brooklyn is regularly ranked among the top pizza joints in the city. There is constantly mob of tourists and locals alike lined up 50 deep outside.

My bro and I went for a regular pie(geez, I say "pie" now for pizza, I really am from Brooklyn) topped with pepperoni. The crust is super thin, I mean thin, like Kate Moss thin. The center gets a little soggy, but after that first bite, its got a great crunch to it. The fresh mozzarella cheese is creamy, and the light tomato sauce has a nice zing to it. The fresh basil is nice touch too, just wish they put more of it on.

The best thing about the pepperoni is that is curls up like one of those popper toys you played with as a kid. Leaving you with a little pepperoni cup filled with porky grease, oh yeaaaaa.

Get in line early for this place, its always packed, but is worth the wait. Don't forget to take a stroll down to the water to walk off that grease.


PS....I'm back!


  1. Pizza Pizza...Finally sheeee-it. I like how the pepperoni folds up like pacman eating porky greasy dots and ghosts...Yum Yum Yum. Thank you for the pizza sir, wish I could have seen you when you were in town.

  2. Is this place a little overblown. Nope. I don't believe the hype. Wikipedia says that all you can get at that place is whole pies. Sheesh!

    My favorite pizza is the ground beef slice at Avenue U's "Prince Of Pizza". It used to be "Johns Pizza" years ago. I usually discard pizza crusts but that slice has a non chewy and not so hard texture and garlic flavor seeps right through the bread. Their regular slice is an acceptable Brooklyn slice. Maybe I can bring the lines to Sheepshead Bay instead?

  3. have you had the pizza at Roberta's in bushwick? you must go.

  4. @katie, I havent been, but I'll put it on my list.