Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senegalese chicken and peanut soup from Almondine

Almondine continues to surprise and amaze me. This french soup/sandwich places breaks out great traditional French fair, but Senegalese chicken and peanut soup? come on now? WTF is that? I knew this soup was going to be legit when I saw the 200 lb African grandmother in the back stirring the pot. Peanut soup you say? Sounds weird right? Well, it is. Really freakin weird, but shockingly good if you like peanut flavor. A bit spicy with chunks of tender chicken, celery, carrots and okra I believe. I believe she also threw in some voodoo spices into the pot to get customers addicted. If you click the picture(fyi, you can click on all the pictures on this site for a larger view) you can see a close up of the red ring of grease along the top, mmmmm, red grease, you know you love it.

Thanks to the Frenchy for allowing his staff to do thier thing and bring alittle flava to my favorite lunch time spot.



  1. Almondine... blah, blah, blah.. good, tasty, great lunch. Your public demands European food porn!

  2. I like your fingernail...It's a very nice one.

  3. Especially when i click the picture and zoom in on it.

  4. voodoo spices? ignorance posing in humour's clothing...