Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Philly Cheesesteak at O'Keefe's Bar in Brooklyn Heights

Fatty alert!!! I repeat, Fatty alert! You have been warned.

I had very low expectations walking into O'Keefe's Bar and Grill in Brooklyn Heights. Mainly chosen as a spot to watch the Laker game based on their TV size, I knew it would be the standard pub grub. In these cases, I usually go for the most standard thing on the menu (you should shy away from Oysters Rockefeller in sports bars), burger, wings, cheesesteak, etc.

I ordered a blue moon and the philly cheesesteak which was recommended by the barkeep. Sure, why not, philly it up. Ten minutes later I was presented with this monstrosity of a sandwich. Fatty indeed, but it looked promising. One bite and all my reservations about this place vanished. This sandwich really shocked me by how good it was, probably because my expectations were so low, but I digress.

The hero was actually garlic bread, which was toasted, with a nice crunch on top. The beef, slices of prime rib-eye, was tender and sauteed with green peppers and onions. All that goodness was topped with melty mozzarella cheese which kept me reaching for the napkins. As you can see by the grease on the plate, this was not for the faint of heart. The fries did themselves justice as well, no McD's, but damn good bar fries.

On that day my friends, I polished off this beast of sandwich, 2 pints of blue moon, watched the Laker's win, and then went home and enjoyed a victory nap. That cheesesteak really got the best of me.



  1. .........CLEAR.......CLEAR...Up the voltage he is not responding...CLEAR...CLEAR...CLEAR!!! Looks ohhh so greasy goooooooooooood! How was the poop before the nap and flogging the dolphin???

  2. my comment is....no comment.