Thursday, June 18, 2009

La Esquina Tacos in Soho

La Esquina in new york city actually has 3 distinct areas to eat in (a taqueria, cafe, and a hidden brasserie downstairs). This post focuses on the upstairs taqueria. I have been to this place countless times as it a few blocks away from my office in Soho and my favorite sports bar, FireFly. Filled with scensters, models and actors it seems like I always catch a movie or shoot being filmed outside its doors. They serve a wide variety of tacos, tortas, a few salads and a kick ass tortilla soup. On this food adventure I'll share my taco tastings.

I started off with the lengua (that's cow tongue for the gringo). I used to love this when I was younger, the image of my mom pulling out a big whole nasty tongue out of a boiling pot will never leave me. Here they slice it up and then fry it on a black top. Its paired with avocado, black beans and cheese. It was mighty tasty if you can get over what you are actually eating.

Next one is actually my favorite on their menu. Its grilled achiote rubbed pork (spicy), pineapple chunks, cilantro, onions and salsa verde. Its like the Hawaiian pizza reincarnated into a taco. Que Ricooo. The last one is a traditional fish taco with shredded cabbage and salsa verde. Squeeze on that lime and the flaky fish calls apart in your mouth.

Its hard to find good Mexican food in new york, so when people ask me where to get a good taco in the city I generally send them to this place. For the ambiance, but even more so because the food really is that good. Good enough to justify paying almost 4 bucks for a taco ;)


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  1. No thanks to Mexican food in NYC! Even the picture quality is worse then your other photos...EMA Batman