Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cafe Select is too cool for school

Cafe Select in the Soho area of NYC is mad cool. I don't even think I'm cool enough to take a crap there. This place is packed with a sceney pretty crowd and they have the food to match. Specializing in Swiss cuisine they boast a large selection of wine and cold brews. But the coolest feature of this spot is the "secret" back room. For those in the know, you can walk right through their kitchen in the back, past the cooks and prep stations, right through a door into a secret wonderland. Its not a lavish as the once secret restaurant under La Esquina (same owner btw), but you will find a space with smiling faces that fits about 20 people.

I got the consume soup, which was both simple and delicious. The noodles inside were fresh and melted in my mouth.

They also sport this over-sized Rolex clock, supposedly its one of only three in the world of this size. Spiffy.

Below is a dessert of nougat, chocolate, and a caramel sauce, it was pretty good, very rich, but truthfully I just really like how this picture came out.

So if you are in Soho and are looking for a new grub spot with good food, a great scene, and a little secret spot to impress your buddies, stop by Cafe Select.


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