Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun with Pita, Part 1

I'm a big pita fan. It's a super versatile bread. Pita is the Scottie Pippen of the bread world, he isn't the best at any one position, but he can play them all very well. I like to test pita's versatility by stepping outside of the pita pizza box. After stroll through Brooklyn and a trip to Trader Joe's and Damascus Bakery I put together this gorgeous concoction.

This triangular shaped pita from Damascus is a little fluffier than the traditional frisbee shaped pita. I split them and smeared on a red pepper, pinenut, garlic, and spice spread (also from Damascus). On top of that I layered Persian cucumbers, fresh dill and green onion. Then I seared a fresh top sirloin steak to a perfect medium rare, check out that pink. I let it rest and then sliced it up. Bango! You know you want a bite.

Marci o' beautiful pita, ready for round deuce?



  1. Damn, Scottie is looking good this season! Tough call but I'm gonna go with part 1

  2. mmmm STEAK! but I like the salmon too, it's a toss up mang...Which was better for you?

  3. I too went for #1, the salmon was great, but I eat that almost every weekend. What really made the steak was the red pepper spread.