Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brunch at Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel was just named Best New Brooklyn Restaurant for 2009 by Time Out New York. This distinction was well deserved. Located at the edge of Carroll Gardens by the Gowanas Expressway, this find was worth the trip. It was a bright airy atmosphere with both single and communal tables.

I went for brunch on a nice Sunday in Brooklyn, because that's just what you do in New York. No other city I've been to enjoys Sunday brunching as much as New Yorkers.

I tried the short-rib hash with sunny-side up eggs. Its like the traditional hash, except made with short-ribs, duh. I loooove short-ribs, so anytime I can incorporate them into my meal it generally happens. They were awesome, crispy, salty, meaty and potatoy goodness. Check out the one yolk on the right, it magically slipped off the white without breaking, you talented yolk you.

Finished off the meal with a freshly made apple cider donut. I can't drink apple cider because of some over consumption while a child, but I can put away apple cider donuts like Homer Simpson. This one was great, it had a slight crunch on the outside and good apple flavor. Since it was made to order, it was still hot on the inside. Check it out, they even fried the hole too. That just sounds wrong, fried hole..ewwww.

Buttermilk Channel, you are a welcome addition to the Brooklyn food scene and I wish you nothing but success. Keep on frying those holes.


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  1. I'll fry your hole Jason...Wow that shortrib rib hash looks so f'n great mang!