Sunday, March 29, 2009


New york is not known for its BBQ, but there are a handful of places that do it justice. One of these places is R.U.B in Chelsea, which stands for Righteous Urban Barbeque (pretty clever I thought). This place is also situated right next to Gotham Comedy Club which makes for a great combo night of comedy and ribs...mmmmmm riiiibs. Did someone say ribs? Even though I am one of the chosen people, I do dig on swine, oh yes, love the little piggies, but especially love their ribbies....oh my, so delicious.

I went for the short end of the rack which comprises the more tender cut of the rack. Comboed that up with vinegar based coleslaw and barbequed baked beans (shhh, secret: there is even more pork in the beans).

The ribs arrive dry and they supply 3 different sauces, regular, spicy, vinegar. I opted for the regular which you see below. Alittle kick but nothing that is going to make be regret it the next morning. The meat was tender and flavorful, you can even see the pink smoke ring right under the crust of the rib.

They also offer meat by the pound. In one corner you have beef brisket, in the other barbq sausage. I have had better brisket, but this one was still legit. And the sausage was actually killer, I usually don't go for sausage when I eat barbq but this one had a bite to it and held its own in this meat-tastic meal.

I loves me some ribs, and I love the way they make me feel after eating them. I go into this porky, sleepy haze of wonderfulness that generally ends in a most satisfying nap. But I'll let Dave Chappelle give his take on ribs to let you know what I mean.



  1. Two words for your next visit to RUB - burnt ends!

  2. That is some PHAT (fatty) food mang! Jason, you better be working out coronaries please. I like pork!