Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pho Tu Do forever!

I freaking love pho! This is something that I really got into over the last few years but I think I am going to be a pho fiend for life. I can just see it now; I'm like 55 years old, strolling the streets of some foreign city in search of pho, asking strangers where I could find the stuff. "Hey, you got pho? no? where can I get it? Maaan, I need the stuff, I'll suck your..."

Ok, strange interlude is over. So I'm back in Chinatown at my favorite pho place in NYC, Pho Tu Do. This time I opted for the more traditional Chin Nam Ve Dzon, which is rich beef broth with fresh round and flank (steak that is).

As you can see the broth is clear and full of fresh thai basil and bean sprouts. It was clear but very complex in flavor and extremely satisfying. The stripes of red and brown in the broth are sriracha and housin sauces respectively(this picture was taken pre-mixing). The beef was still rare when it arrived but continues to cook in the hot bowl as you work on the noodles.

Ahh yes, the noodles. Glorious rice noodles. Always prepared beautifully here, fresh, soft, but still with a decent texture.

How much do you think this bowl of soup was? Mind you it was the size of my head. 15 dollars? 10? 5? NO! Four dollars and twenty five cents. Dude, for that much I don't even question what type of "beef" they serve me.



  1. never had Pho...I may have to come there to try it with you!

  2. I think Kramer officially became your first Grub Meals Groupie.

  3. I AM for sure Jay's Groupie, we ate together for 2 years straight, day in and day out. I want to know what that fool is eating...MORE MORE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. Kramer is Gay Gay Gay.

  5. Ate together day in and day out...was he eating lots and lots of Jewish salami?