Thursday, March 5, 2009

Despana Sandwich

The world famous blog "Stuff White People Like" says it best, "white people like expensive sandwiches". So I guess I'm a white, because I do love an expensive sandwich. This badboy is from Despana (menu link) in Soho. A few blocks away from my office, I went a whole year before finding this place. You walk in and see an impressive assortment of Spanish canned goods, cheeses and meats. In the back they sell freshly made sangwiches, the women have mustaches, but I don't hold that against them.

I went for the signature Despana sandwich, thinly sliced serrano ham, creamy goat cheese and a light tomato-garlic spread on crusty French bread. Or as they describe it, "pan con tomate y un toque de ajo con lochas de jamon serrano y crema de cabra queso de murcia, blah, spanish words, queso, blah more spanish words."

Muchos gracias el sangwich de mas expensivo.



  1. Serious drool all over my keyboard. Gotta make getting there a priority next week.

  2. How much was the sandy? Please take a picture of the sandwich before you eat the whole darn thing! Looks Very tasty and delicious. I just had a great Italian deli Porcuitto sandy (from Domingoes Italian Deli in Encino, CA), you would love it and it was not Bay Cities and I think it's better, more simple and cheaper without the long waiting!!!

  3. I think I'm a serious sandwich fiend. This sucka was $8.50. I usually take the photo before I start to eat it, but this one was kinda an after thought.

  4. Jason uses the term "Sangwich" on purpose. Not a typo