Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nice Post Game Meal

Nothing is better than watching Kobe drop 61 live at MSG except for watching Kobe drop 61 live at MSG and then grubbing on some bomb Korean food. Luckily Korea town is only a short 5 minute walk from the Garden. I was recommended Kunjip by a friend a few months back and have become a fan ever since. Its not the usual Korean BarBQ spot, they focus on more traditional stews and grub kimchi. The place is always packed with Koreans and I'm usually the only white person when I go there. They give you so much kimchi I had to break it into 2 pictures.

I also ordered some fried dumpling because I'm a fatty. Nice and crispy.

No BarBQ on this trip, I opted for the BulGoGi hot stone pot with a fried egg on top. The bottom becomes super hot and the rice sticks to the pot turning into crunchy goodness. The funky tofu stew on the side was thrown in gratis. A little too spicy for my weak stomach, but the flavor with wonderful.

Kunjip is a great local spot in the midst of a sea of typical Korean restaurants. This night's meal was great, but I have to think it wouldn't have been as good if I didn't just watch Kobe come to NYC and put on one of the best shows I've ever seen.



  1. Dude,
    the tofu in the pot ("soon tofu") is my favorite! Haven't had that shit too long!

  2. it was good stuff....just goes right through me though...eeeeeeeeeee.

  3. Burnt rice goodness (or tahdig in Farsi)...yet another reason why Korean and Iranian cultrue is so similar!!

  4. Are you saying Koreans are like Persians without the hair?

  5. I know MANY better places that that shit for Korean food!!! That all looks like DOG man. LittleAsia had the best bulgogi, hahaha!

  6. Next time I get to LA, I want to do some bomb Korean food.....little asia...shiiiit, the best, the was my first introduction to Korean food, 6 bucks for bulgogi.