Friday, February 6, 2009

Chef Boyar-J

Special thanks to Trader Joe's for the fresh ingredients. I do like to cook on occasional and after the recent opening of TJ's a few blocks away from my apt, I've found myself indulging in the culinary arts more often. This meal consisted of a spinach salad, sauteed mushrooms with dill and a fatty rib-eye done to perfection (well, as good as I can get it without a grill....damn you NYC winters). It was all washed down with a Vienna Lager, a nice crisp brew that only sets you back a buck.

While it wasn't super fancy, this meal turned out pretty I'm content with my skills for now.



  1. It looks delicious. I’m sure taste excellent. Wish I was there.

  2. Great way to prepare a steak...even during NYC winters...

    1. take a nice rib eye, let it sit until it reaches room temp. add a bit of kosher salt, crushed pepper, and (a little butter if you like) to each side.

    2. turn on oven to until it reaches 500.

    3. take a caste iron and let it sit on stove fire at max heat for about five minutes.

    4. take steak. throw on caste iron, cook one-and half minute on one side. flip. cook about one minute on other side.

    5. take caste iron with steak on it and throw it in oven. let cook for about five- seven minutes.

    6. place on wooden cutting board for about another minute so the inside is able to cook more.

    7. grub!!

    (you should disable your smoke alarm before you prepare the steak like this.)

  3. Much appreciated, yea, my smoke alarm goes off even if I fry an egg.

  4. I no longer can live more than 50 feet from a Trader Joe's. Life-changing store. You were right. As for smoke alarm -- I either use the fan thing on the microwave (loud, but helps) or put a room fan on aimed at the fire alarm.