Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brunch of Champions

In keeping with my recent Miami theme, I was lucky enough to get a home cooked meal in the city of fun and sun. I'm not a big breakfast dude, especially during the middle of the week, but come Sunday I can brunch it up with the best of them. This meal was made with love and cooked in appreciation of my gracious hosts in Miami. We started with breakfast burritos made with the traditional fusion of Persian and Mexican style cuisines ;) The eggs were slow cooked to perfection with tomatoes, onions and spices.

Nestled on top of a freshly toasted tortilla, we added roasted potatoes, avocado, and bright cilantro.

We continued the brunch with strawberry pancakes and an insanely delicious concoction of fresh strawberries reduced in a syrup of sugar, orange juice and zest.

The result was this masterpiece you see below; yummy for my tummy.

The end of a great meal usually ends in a nice hot mug of chai for me. Please pay no attention to the chocolate glazed Krispy Creme donuts in the background, those are of no concern to you.

You don't always have to go to a 5-star restaurant for a great meal, and in most cases, the satisfaction of cooking the meal yourself or with friends makes it that much more rewarding.