Monday, February 23, 2009

Beach Sandwich

Nothing beats a good sandwich, except for a sandwich you eat at the beach. This gorgeous sandwich was from La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach. The palm trees were o so inviting and as you approached cold mist sprayed from under the green awning. Owned by a slightly rude Frenchie (why do they always have to fit the stereotype to a T?), this place produced some very tasty sangwiches.

I went with the roast beef and turkey combo. As you can see they packed this badboy full of veggies as well. But what really made this sandwich were the cornichons (mini french pickles) and the tangy french dressing.

Since we got them to go, rude Frenchie was nice enough to pack the dressing on the side. Care was taken to make sure the sandwich was not soggy on its 4 block journey to the beach, but it was highly stressed that this sandwich MUST be consumed with the dressing. Indeed, I lika da sauce.

It's hard to get mad at rude Frenchies when you are grubbing on a sandwich on the beach, especially when its 80 degrees in February.



  1. NIIIICE Sandy mang!!!

    I want some.


  2. it was good stuff man, come to NYC and I'll take you on my next food adventure.