Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mission style Mexican at Dos Toros

Finding good Mexican food in NYC is always a challenge, but Dos Toros near union square puts out a more than decent taco and burrito. Known for their Nor Cal mission style burritos and tacos, the place looks like a mini Chipotle, but with actual backbone.

Choose from burrito, taco, quesadilla, then meat; steak, chicken, pork, toppings, blah blah.  I've had all 3, and all are fresh , juicy and delicious. Steak with guac is my fav though. The tacos are packed full and large, so 2 will usually leave you satisfied. One extra cool thing they do is melt cheese onto the tortilla before packing it with goodness. Its not the best taco in nyc, but its not the worst either, give them a shot if you are in the area, or just watching a Lakers game at the Forum.

happy grubbing,

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  1. Thanks for being back J-man!!! Wrong Coast to get a Burrito or Taco, no matter what!!! Free Birds is better then that and TA's and even Baja Fresh gand.