Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sushi Yasuda is a no frills mastery of the art of sushi

Sushi Yasuda is pure sushi bliss. This Manhattan sushi mecca in Midtown East pumps out some of the freshest sushi I have ever had.  The menu and decor are super simple, its all about the fish here.

They don't have any crazy rolls with 6 ingredients, they keep it pure... one fish, some rice....bring it.

I stuck with some of the classics, blue fin tuna, eel, yellowtail, salmon and uni (sea urchin, cause I'm gangsta like that).

A few traditional rolls(eel, salmon, tuna) for good measure.  They keep it old school with the sea weed on the outside, none of that inside out weak sauce.

So the master chef here actually moved back to Japan recently to open up a sushi place back home, but have no fear, he has passed down the reins to a very talented staff.  Domo arigato.



  1. i want some of that too, fresh uni is to die for.

  2. Grubbb...Looks bomb and F. Follow him to Japan to get s'more!