Saturday, April 4, 2009

Italian Food Center has a mean sandwich

Hey! Yo! Ova herea, yous guys! This sandwich, fuggetaboutit! Served up at the Italian Food Center in the Little Italy section of Manhattan, this sandwich was substantial. Check it out, its the size of my arm. The Food Center is one of the last decent Italian run sandwich shops that is actually in the shrinking neighborhood of Little Italy (Chinatown is taking it over).

This sandwich was filled with freshly sliced soppresatta, marinated red peppers, tomato and shredded lettuce. They finish it with olive oil and vinegar so it stays moist. The bread is cut fresh when you order it, just like subway, not quite. The meats here are excellent, that's what really makes the sandwiches so good at this place. Insiders tip; just call out your order, like, "hey, yo, can i get a prosciutto, mozzarella, peppers on a roll" and you will be rewarded with a nice price tag of $6.50, otherwise the same sandwich off the wall by number is $8.00.

This is a big ass sandwich, if you finish it all in one sitting you should be proud of yourself. Or you can be a wussy and split it with a friend for lunch. I'm not a wussy, well, at least that day I wasn't.



  1. Dude that shit looks like it will blow Bay Cities out of the water, I want!!!

  2. Its way different, but I actually like Bay Cities more.

  3. When you come to LA, I have a bomb ass Italian Deli to take you's in the valley but it's amazing.